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In speaking with Internet professionals, developers and designers alike you soon learn that there are a wide variety of these pros currently using WordPress hosting to develop client sites. In fact, the WordPress CMS powers at least 25 percent of the visible Internet as we know it. That’s a huge number and it’s still growing.

Enter 34SP.com and their soon-to-be officially released WordPress Hosting platform. This product is in beta test at the moment – but has been slated for official release within the next few weeks. The salient point is that this new WordPress product is seated on a fully managed virtual server array. This immediately sets the 34SP.com WordPress platform apart from the dozens of other shared hosting WordPress options out there. Further, it is to be priced competitively relative to the existing WordPress universe.

Without going into every tiny detail of this new virtualised managed WordPress hosting plan, here are a few of the differentiating features:

Completely containerised websites on a managed VPS;
Unlimited page views included in the base price;
A single WordPress account hosts 3 separate websites;
Hardware includes SSD storage for fast performance;
Managed automated updates;
Advanced caching;
UK-based technical support;
An unconditional money back guarantee.

Let’s take a look at what the features are and why they matter to a serious WordPress developer.

Completely containerised websites on a managed VPS – It goes without saying that virtual instances are the wave of the Internet future – whether cloud or data centre located. Simply having isolation from other sites who could possibly overutilise resources on the server is the primary reason why professionals prefer virtual servers. The implications for security are obvious as well – your site is no longer at the mercy of the weakest link in a chain of shared websites on the server. A hack on another website which in a shared environment would cause your website to fail is no longer an issue. You are 100 percent isolated from that site and your performance continues unaffected.

Unlimited page views included in the base price – Other WordPress hosting vendors have gotten in the habit of charging for an excess of page views. Unfortunately that policy can turn a decent value in hosting into an expensive proposition. In effect, one is penalised for success. The 34SP.com WordPress plan does away with these arbitrary limits thereby ensuring that the monthly cost stays exactly the same – even in the event of a huge traffic surge or viral event.

A single WordPress account hosts 3 separate websites – It is rare to find a web designer or developer who only has one website or client. Additionally, how often have you wanted to simply ‘try something out’ on a server to verify the look, feel and actual functionality of the pages and forms? It’s very common. With the 34SP.com setup it is easy to spin up an additional site in a few minutes without incurring any additional charges. Also, if a developer hosts 3 separate sites on the same account – the price for each is effectively divided by 3. That adds up to better value.

Hardware includes SSD storage for fast performance – We all want our client’s websites to be fast. It’s a no-brainer. So why do some hosting providers insist on outdated hardware (spinning disks? really?) for their customers? Solid state is a must-have for truly outstanding performance. Solid state drives have been around for a while now and every professional should insist that any new hosting products incorporate this technology into the platform. In addition to being faster, SSD drives are less prone to failure as they have no moving parts to wear out.

Managed automated updates – Who has time to keep up with all the various WordPress versions and minor releases? While we all want to keep our websites, themes and plugins up to date it can be a chore. 34SP.com lets you decide which automatic updates you enable. For example – you may only want to update the WordPress core when necessary but not your themes. The automated updating can be a lifesaver in terms of security by providing patches to known vulnerabilities at the moment they become discovered. The 34SP.com WordPress Hosting product is also provided with daily yum updates on the base VPS for security as well.

UK-based technical support – 34SP.com is based in Manchester, United Kingdom with their main offices in the Northern Quarter. All support team members are located in Manchester and are English speakers. You can speak by phone with a fellow Brit or email in if you prefer. The company has a reputation for great technical support and mentions on the website that 98% of current 34SP.com clients would recommend their hosting services.

Unconditional money back guarantee – A nice bit of peace of mind comes with the money back guarantee. 34SP.com will refund your money ‘no questions asked’ within 30 days of purchase of the new Managed WordPress Hosting product. Domain names aren’t included in the money back guarantee as fees are paid by 34SP.com to the various registrars and generally registrars don’t refund domain registration fees.

If you call into the sales team at 34SP.com – we’re told that they have some flexibility in special introductory offers during the early days of the WordPress product launch. To learn more about the company or to order please visit: www.34sp.com.

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